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It's okay!
✓ VPN solution from Germany
✓ For Windows 11, 10, 8

✓ From $27.96 per year / device
✓ No subscription obligation
✓ 30-day money-back guarantee
500 MB
per month
Premium VPN

OkayFreedom VPN

Install and surf anonymously - it couldn't be easier.
You can preserve your digital freedom, fast and uncomplicated - no registration, no passwords, no automatic renewal. Because it's your right: Don't let them spy on you and monitor and track your online behavior.

Videos from around the world

Browse freely and uncensored! – Finally: access to blocked videos and websites worldwide. And yes, it’s legal.

Surfing without limits

Access your favorite websites even when you’re overseas.


Secure WiFi anywhere

Whether it’s your bank data or your passwords - data theft is not okay! OkayFreedom VPN encrypts your connection with highly secure AES 256-bit encryption - even in public hotspots.

Online invisibility

Because you have every right to maintain your privacy: don’t allow yourself to be spied on. OkayFreedom VPN conceals your IP address.

No registration

Simply install OkayFreedom VPN and start browsing the Internet freely, without censorship. No registration needed and no passwords you need to remember.

For downloads, too!

Unlike other programs, OkayFreedom VPN does not just protect your IP address in your browser, but even guards you when you’re using downloaders.

For all browsers

Whether you prefer Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or an entirely different browser, OkayFreedom VPN works with them all.

Server locations worldwide

Not all web content is available to all users worldwide. Choose your IP location from a pool of numerous server locations worldwide and bypass country blocks and censorship.


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Even the price is okay

Unlimited country toggling – servers in many countries.
No speed limit. No subscriptions. No automatic renewals.
German data protection. No new download necessary for premium flat version.


500 MB

per month





from $27.96 / 1 year

30-day money-back guarantee